Who is Transity?

Transity has three lines of business:

Transity Co-Hosting

Transity Co-Hosting™ is a 24/7, full-service solution. We strive to exceed hotel standards in areas like: cleaning, booking management, and guest communication. This hands-free approach allows you to earn twice the revenue, in half the time. 

Transity Homes

Imagine a tenant that professionally cleans, insures, and caters to your property. With multiple leasing options and automatic electronic lease payments life as a landlord was never easier. We even do the routine maintenance for you and exclusively work with upscale properties suitable for executives.

Transity Realtor & Property Manager

Transity will help you generate instant income when your property is listed on the market. We deploy our service in an on-demand fashion to list your property and manage guests. Our guests are aware that a showing may occur and bookings can be limited to 30 days out.