Transity Co-Hosting™

Transity Co-Hosting™ is a 24/7, full-service solution. We strive to exceed hotel standards in areas like: cleaning, booking management, and guest communication. This hands-free approach allows you to earn twice the revenue, in half the time. 

Transity Homes™

Imagine a tenant that professionally cleans, insures, and caters to your property. With multiple leasing options and automatic electronic lease payments, life as a landlord has never been easier. We work exclusively with upscale properties suitable for executives and even take care of the routine maintenance for you.

Transity Realtor & PM™

Transity will help you generate revenue while your property is listed on the market. We leverage our offerings to stage and list your property to book and manage guests. Our guests are aware that a showing may occur and bookings can be limited to 30 days out.

Picture of Listing Enhancement

Listing Enhancement


Drab descriptions, lack of local information and template text will hinder your success. Include an elaborate Guidebook and House Manual that shows you take this seriously.

Picture of Floor Plan Designs

Floor Plan Designs


The best way to convey the layout of your listing to guests is through an illustrative floor plan design.

Picture of Property Photos

Property Photos


The most influential component to your listing are your property photographs. This is what everyone is searching for online. Don't put off prospects with poor quality photos. Transity's professional team of photographers know exactly what kind of shots to take and how to optimize them for your listings.

Picture of Consulting


From $45.00

Engage local experts to build your business as fast as possible, in the best ways. We can show you how to reach over 90% occupancy. Many Hosts have less than 50%!


STR In SLC Market Report

The STR (Short Term Rental) Market Report highlights the state of the market in Salt Lake City.



Nothing is more important than Brand Integrity, our relationships are all we have.

“...we never expected Airbnb to be so easy. Transity helped us refinish a couple of rooms in the house and now we are earning enough money to make some vital repairs to our home.”

“Working with Daniel and the Transity Team has been simply amazing. We have over doubled the income on our triplex so far and now revenues are even going higher! I was able to get Superhost status on my first review thanks to Daniel's guidance. He really is the Short Term Rental expert here in Salt Lake City.”

“Working with them from the very beginning it is incredible to watch how Daniel is able to bring people, compaines and systems together in unison. I have heard some of the future plans and I am excited to be working together.”

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